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Fees and Rebates


As fees differ according to your assessment and treatment needs, please contact our friendly Reception staff on 9520 8606 
who will discuss our fee structure with you (or email us at, accessed by using the CONTACT US tab/links). 


Medicare rebates may apply if you have a
Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) referral from your doctor. Please call Reception if you have any questions about whether you may be eligible for a MHCP, if you are unsure about how to obtain a MHCP referral from your GP, or what gap you will pay after the Medicare rebate.

The Better Access Scheme
The most common way to be referred to a psychologist is via a MHCP under the "Better Access Scheme". This scheme allows you up to 10x rebatable sessions with a psychologist per calendar year. 

THE ENHANCED PRIMARY CARE PLAN (Also referred to as Chronic Disease Management)
Another referral alternative is the Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC). This scheme allows the individual up to 5x rebatable sessions with a psychologist per calendar year. There are certain conditions attached to an EPC referral, so please contact us if you have any questions about this option.

In any case, your GP can assist you with any enquiries about these two referral pathways, and it is up to your GP to assess your eligibility to receive either of these referrals.

For private-paying clients (non-MHCP), if you wish to claim from your insurance company, please check your existing private health insurance policy to ensure that you are covered for psychological services. If this is the case, you may be able to claim several sessions (varies from policy to policy) on your private health.

*Please note that you cannot claim both Medicare and private health rebates simultaneously (most private health funds ask you and your psychologist to sign a declaration that you are either: not referred under a Medicare MHCP, or have had a MHCP but have exhausted your 10x rebatable sessions), but you may be able to use one after the other. 



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